Making bags

Hey all,

Summer holiday update

The family and I went over to Jersey for just over two weeks for some Sun, Sea, relaxation and to visit the in-laws.

I find when I’m away I have more free time so the perfect time to be creative! So during our first trip into town I picked up some fabric to trial a bag tutorial I found on youtube (search for whatthecraft to find it).

I found some thick black cotton, a thinner casino dice material and some interfacing. I started to hand sew the bag strap but felt it was going to take too long. After some web searching I found a cheap and cheerful mini sewing machine for twenty pounds which was perfect to keep at my mother in-laws house for further creations on my future visits. A few days later I created this:

The star (cut from the same material as the linning) was hand sewn on using a blanket stitch tecnique. I embroidered the little stars on but felt it needed more. So I sewed on the bow and beads.

I thoroughly enjoyed making the bag and feel I will make more 🙂

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One thought on “Making bags

  1. Update:

    I made another bag the same as this one and put it up for sale on ebay. 6 hours later it had sold! Very happy about that as I had no idea whether anyone would be interested in it. Perhaps I should sell some more 🙂

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