CBug Basic line drawing and Art Journaling classes

My stab at Basic line drawing and Art Journaling watched through ‘Creative Bug


My first doodle!

My doodle inspired by Creative Bug bug video’s:

  1. Basic Line Drawing by 
  2. Art Journaling by 

I have been watching the above two videos over the past couple of weeks and have felt super inspired to give this line drawing/doodling a go and I must say … I really enjoyed it! I had a nice lazy Sunday morning, kids were amused and I could just chill with my pad and pens. I only have Stabilo Fineliners but for my first attempt they worked pretty well!

The course Art Journaling advised to have a handful of colours and to mix them in round the page so I chose red, purple and yellow.  It also advised you find your ‘Go to’ shapes so whilst doodling I was trying to find these.  I like the Rockabilly scene so cherries, bows, hearts, anchors and stars were my ‘Go to’ choice.

Lisa’s class Basic Line Drawing taught me the scalops which are good to cover blank areas, concentric circles (which I made into flowers), the geometric mountains and triangle pattern.

If you like doodling then I would recommend watching these two classes.  I haven’t finished watching them both yet but this is what I have produced so far with what I have seen.

I hope you like 🙂

Lou Weez x