Black n’ White – Simplicity 1699

I have been trying to blog about this dress for a few weeks now. Finding the time to take pictures seems nigh on impossible sometimes when you work and have 2 children! This weekend I found five minutes and quickly managed to get a few snaps in before darkness drew.1699

I totally love this dress! The fabric and pattern work so well together.

LWC – Simplicity 1699

I’m wearing my favourite shoes too! It was my birthday on Halloween so on my day off I dragged hubby round Camden market (my favourite place to shop). As soon as I saw these shoes I had to have them. I think they work quite well with the monochrome look 🙂

LWC – Simplicity 1699

This pattern is super easy to put together. I have already made this pattern in a stiffer cotton fabric. It’s interesting to see how the the two different dresses look due to the different fabric choice. I really like this pattern, I can really see myself making this again!

LWC – Simplicity 1699


LWC – Simplicity 1699


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