New pattern – Simplicity 1699

Trying a new pattern was way over due! During the half price Simplicity sale a month or so ago I picked some half price patterns. I decided to have a go at Simplicity 1699.


To start with I traced the bodice pieces for the dress on to craft paper (my favourite kiddie play paper roll from Wilko). I chose size 14 Bust and 16 round the waist. I like to make a toile/muslin from the bodice pieces first for fitting. I do not bother to cut out the facings just the main parts. Once sewn together I check the fitting. I found that the front bodice piece cut on the fold needed to be reduced on the fold by 1/4″ as my apex was too wide. That did the trick! Then most bust seams had to be bought in by 1/4″ too but not the waist that was the right size. So a 12 would’ve been ok to cut originally.

After fitting I cut all pieces out of my actual fabric. This fabric (45″ wide) was bought from the local market at £2/metre…happy days… 🙂 I made a couple of amendments to the pattern. The skirt front pattern piece has a centre front seam which I was not too keen on. The bodice pattern does not have a centre front dart to match the skirt centre front seam to so I decided to cut that part on the fold taking of 1/2″ at the fold where the seam would’ve been. Also the neck line was very high so I re-drew a new one lower down which meant that I had to create new facing pieces to match.

The sleeves on this pattern are not sewn the usual way which made sewing this pattern super easy 🙂

And here it is:

Simplicity 1699

Not such a great photo but better than nothing 😉