Handmade cushions

I was inspired to have a go at making a patch work cushion after watching Kirstie Allsopp handmade crafts. An idea was to make one using the same design as Kirstie but based on cats for a Christmas present for my Mum (who loves cats!).

I ordered some fat quarters off of ebay, sketched a design and got to work.
I was surprised how quickly I got it made and how much I enjoyed making it. My Mum loved it 🙂

Just after Christmas we took a trip over to see the in-laws. I took some extra material with me as I usually have a bit more ‘me’ time whilst I am there. I decided to make a cushion for my mother in-law Hazel. This time I tried to use a bit more of my embroidery skills.

Hazel loved her cushion too!

Further pictures of these cushions can be seen on my flickr site.

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